Exposure & Partnership Opportunity

December 9th - Art Basel Miami 2017

Artist Zuzanna Kozlowska visualizes energy on silk, paper and canvas and innovates in the wearable art space. She is an internationally exhibited visual artist with a recent solo exhibit held in New York City's historic Lees Art building (2017) and then prior to that in Dubai & Riyadh (2016). For the upcoming Art Basel, Miami (2017), the artists will be showing multiple works at Aqua Art Fair, and creating a blockbuster Art Basel event showcasing innovative wearable art featuring a live-painting by the artist. She is seeking sponsorship from a brand to either share in the cost of creating the event or to provide product such as liquor for the bar.

About the Event

Blockbuster Art Basel event featuring models wearing silk gowns that have been uniquely painted as wearable artwork by New York Based visual artist Zuzanna Kozlowska. The event will be hosted at an upscale hotel in South Beach or Wynwood Miami and feature a live painting the artist will paint on a live female model wearing a silk gown. Additional content will include an artistic fashion show, interactive photo booth and an invitation for invited guests to have their own clothing painted live at the event. Expected attendance can be scaled depending on budget to facilitate 100 - 1000 people. Exclusive sponsorship starts at 5k with the ability to scale and create custom activation from the artist who has worked as a corporate creative director with clients such as Jim Beam, Waldorf Astoria, Alessi, Godiva, to name a few (corporate creative direction link here).   

About the Artist


Abstract Figurative Fine Art

Traditionally trained in figurative art and portraiture, Zuzanna's work is colorful, positive and inspirational discussing movement and flow. Her artwork and werables appeal to modern women aged 18+ who are interested in being conscious, posivive, carefee and like to aquire unique luxury goods.  


International Visual Artist

"I'm Zuzanna Kozlowska and I create unique artwork for unique individuals. I paint on silk because it's a luxurious canvas that symbolizes life and allows me to glide across it smoothly with the flow" - Zuzanna Kozlowska

Single Edition Wearable Art

Zuzanna creates hand painted silk dresses, gowns and accessories that are uniquely painted and molded to the shape of the woman. Her pieces are single edition, wearable artworks that have been created in the same style as her silk sculptures and drawings. The dresse are coveted and retail between 1-5k

Venues with Expressed Interest to Host

W Hotel South Beach

The Satai

The Delano

The National Hotel

Brand Exposure

Art Basel attracts an attendance of around 77,000 over five days (white paper)

Affiliation with the largest, most influential art fair in the USA

Affiliation with upscale hotel and innovative artist brand

Step and repeat with sponsor logo behind artist made silk sculpture that guest stand in front of to 'wear' for a photo. (example)

Sponsor logo and branding on all promotional material distributed with goodie bags and givaways

Sponsor logo, branding and other information included as part of magazine feature in Miami Shoot Magazine leading up to event

Additional interaction with sponsor branding to be developed with expressed interest


Event Key Features

Wow factor: First time shown and seen in Miami Art Basel.

Experiential: Unique experience of seeing a dress being painted live on a person.

Interactive: Wearable art 'Ball-gown' sculpture set up on step and repeat for photo opportunities. (Example)

Brand association: elegant, wearable fine art that is innovative, bridging art and fashion.

'Fashion Show' like component.


Below: Live painting silk gown on Alyson Charles aka "RockStar Shaman" 2017, New York City.